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      [26] Dollier de Casson, A.D. 1641-42, MS.The Jesuit was, and is, everywhere,in the school-room, in the library, in the cabinets of princes and ministers, in the huts of savages, in the tropics, in the frozen North, in India, in China, in Japan, in Africa, in America; now as a Christian priest, now as a soldier, a mathematician, an astrologer, a Brahmin, a mandarin, under countless disguises, by a thousand arts, luring, persuading, or compelling souls into the fold of Rome.

      LA SALLE AGAIN POISONED.[9] In the Act, an exception, however, was made in favor of Jesuits coming as ambassadors or envoys from their government, who were declared not liable to the penalty of hanging.

      The slave lingered, but was obliged to obey.

      Something in both words and tone surprised the old man.La Salle had written his name in history; but his hard-earned success was but the prelude of a harder task. Herculean labors lay before him, if he would realize the schemes with which his brain was pregnant. Bent on accomplishing them, he retraced his course, and urged his canoes upward against the muddy current. The party were famished. They had little to subsist on but the flesh of alligators. When they reached the Quinipissas, who had proved hostile on their way down, they resolved to risk an interview with them, in the hope of obtaining food. The treacherous savages dissembled, brought them corn, and on the following night made an attack upon them, but met with a bloody repulse. The party next revisited the Coroas, and found an unfavorable change in their disposition towards them. They feasted them, indeed, but during the repast surrounded them with an overwhelming force of warriors. The French, however, kept so well on their guard, that their entertainers dared not make an attack, and suffered them to depart unmolested.[246]

      "Are the enemy's ships--?" began Anna--


      [197] Description de la Louisiane, nouvellement dcouverte, Paris, 1683.


      [18] Declaration de Pierre Breant, par devant les Notaires du Roy, MS. The Order was that of the Capuchins, who, like the Rcollets, are a branch of the Franciscans. Their introduction into Canada was prevented; but they established themselves in Maine.[4] Lalemant, Relation, 1646, 15.


      A universal shout of applause rang out; several women of light repute, who were passing, flung him282 kisses, and Polycles, the owner of the house, grasped his hand, saying: