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      Yes, continued Lord Selvaine, smoothly. I dare say there is something in it, but it would take a million, or thereabouts, to put it right. The question iswhere is that million to come from?

      Thank you very much, murmured the duke, as if the trivial project were now satisfactorily launched. Did you notice the tulips, my dear Trafford, as you came across the terrace. I think they are more beautiful than usual. And I want you to go into the third orchid house before dinner, if you have time. I got as far yesterday, and it seemed to meI may be wrongthat they were rather crowded. If this is so, we must have new houses built. I think they should be much larger than the old ones. Will you give any instructions, if they be necessary?I didnt go; I wish I had, for I should have seen the heiress they are all talking about. She was at the Fletchers last night, but I got there too late, and shed gone before I arrived. Is she as beautiful as they say she is?

      He had been sitting motionless so long that it was not[313] likely the new-comer would be aware of his presence. As he leaned against the saddle, he wondered who this sharer of his solitude could be. The thud, thud came nearer, and presently, in the clear evening air, Trafford saw emerging from behind a clump of trees the horse and rider. He did not move a musclenot even when he saw that the rider was a woman."And yet, and yet," he said to himself, after lengthened meditation, with unseeing eyes fixed upon the movement of the tide, "I think she loved me. I think her heart was mine from the hour her tears welcomed me back to this house, until her last sigh. God help all young wives whom their[Pg 330] husbands leave alone in their youth and beauty to stand or fall in the hour of temptation!"

      Esmeralda and Lady Ada returned to the drawing-room, where Barker and Lady Wyndover awaited them impatiently, and the awful mystery of robing the bride proceeded.Her lips movedthey were very white at this momentbut all he could hear was:

      And she has accepted you? Thank the Lord!


      Norman and Esmeralda rode on for some time in compulsory silence, then, when they heard no sound of pursuers, Esmeralda turned to him:


      That is the new poet. He was born last week, will live, say, for six months, and then die.To Lady Wyndover, murmured Mr. Pinchook.