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      I will have some breakfast ready for you in the west room, my lord, and Ill order the dog-cart. While youre having your breakfast Ill pack your lordships things.

      Do you mean to say you are going to wear[205]

      I am Esmeralda of Three Star Camp, she said; that is all.

      "No," said Kincaid, "you come with me to this drill. Nobody'll take offence."

      Yes, he is very handsome, said Esmeralda, as coolly as before.

      The duke was deadlong live the duke!


      The following afternoon, at the hour appointed, he drove the mail phaeton up to the door, and Esmeralda, who had been quite ready five minutes before the time, clapped her hands, and uttered an exclamation of delight as she saw the pair of splendid horses.


      "No, no, no! No, Anna, no! For Heaven's sake--"


      But the postman turned on him with an angry twinkle in his eyes.If I ever doubted myself, I doubt no longer. I know, now that I am in danger of losing you, that I love you.