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      The duke patted Traffords hand.With a large sum of money, continued Lord Selvaine, we could recover ourselves. The mortgages could be paid off. Belfayre could expand itself; in short, the family could hold up its head again, and you, my dear Traff, instead of being the heir to one of the oldest titles and an ocean of debts and incumbrances, would be a real duke with a real dukedom.

      He extended his hand with profound humility.How can I help believing it? he broke in.

      Butbut the kiss

      Well, I shant be sorry to, said Norman. Now, tell me the news. Youre looking very fit.

      Not the pearl suite, nor the diamond suite, nor the emerald suite, nor any of them, replied Esmeralda, firmly. Stay; give me my Australian heart. She caught sight of[223] the locket Norman had given her, and pointed to it. That, too, she said.

      All was confusion at Belfayre, and it was not only Trafford who was stunned by the sudden shock. All men must die, and the duke was an old man; but he had seemed so well and strong that those who had seen and talked with him on the night of the party were startled by the news of his death, which was soon flashing over the world. The telegraph-girl at Belfayre was overwhelmed by the number of messages going and coming.Varley looked straight before him. For the first time he saw the terrible business from Traffords point of view. It looked as if indeed Esmeralda had been guilty; and yet he could not believe it. He glanced at Norman with a stern, fierce inquiry, and saw on his face a strange expression. It did not look in Varleys eyes like guilt.


      As they rode down to the door and came into the light that streamed from it, the crowd outside sent up a shout and pressed round him; but as they saw and recognized Esmeralda,[285] the shout died away for an instant, then rose with redoubled force, and her name was cried aloud. Those inside the saloon rushed to the door, Taffy and Bill giving vent to their pent-up feelings by loud yells.


      They reached Grosvenor Square, and he took his leave. Once more he pressed Esmeraldas hand, and once again the color rose to her face. She stood at the door, and watched him drive away, then she followed Lady Wyndover to her boudoir.[243]


      Yes, said Varley, coolly. Its Lord Druce, isnt it?