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      "Now it's but a dream!" said her comforter.She is not here. You thought Do you mean to say that you dont know where she is?

      Its my supper, she said. You have come just in time, Trafford.

      Esmeralda, with a smile, held out her hand. The carefully trained Barker crimsoned to the roots of her neatly arranged hair, and looked appealingly at Lady Wyndover, who shrugged her shoulders helplessly.Yes, to-morrow! she said, eagerly. And we shall go into the real country, away from all these houses?

      He went back to the rooms, but they were still closed and lifeless. Then, with a thoughtfulness which would have considerably amazed his friends, he went to an outfitters, bought an outfit, had it packed in an overland trunk, and started it down to the docks.

      He took her left hand from the reins and carried it to his lips. He felt it tremble as he touched it.


      Why dont somebody take the old man home? he said, aggrievedly. I aint said nothing agin her. Its only natural as a fine lady should forget such a crew as us and such an all-fired hole as this.


      Trafford extended his hand half imploringly, half defiantly.Lady Adas smile grew ghastly in its artificiality.


      And so this is your first ball? I wish it were mine! I would give something to know what you think of it.