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      Ill come to-morrow and go through some necessary matters with you, Lady Wyndover. Please say Good-bye to Miss Chetwynde for me. He paused at the door, and, with a groan, added: Odious isnt the word! Shes worse than odious; shes a witch, and every man who comes within reach of her becomes a perfect fool! But youll find out all this for yourself before many hours have passed! Odious! Good lord, I should have had a much easier time if she had been!

      God bless you, my dear! he said; and as obeying an[148] impulse, she knelt by his chair, and he laid his hand on her head. God bless you! he repeated.Oh, yes, said Esmeralda, as she took up her book. He is very pleasant and agreeable. And, though Lady Wyndover tried to coax something more out of her, she failed.

      Good-looking! exclaimed Lady Wyndover, with a little laugh. Why, my dear Mr. Pinchook, she is simply superb! I am surprised and delighted. She laughed languidly. Why, you must be quite sorry to lose so charming a traveling companion?

      I hope Trafford has not tired you, my dear! he said. Come and tell me what you have seen. And he motioned her to a chair beside him.


      "But I shall take a house at San Remo, Allegra. Do you expect me to turn innkeepercharge you for your bed and board?"


      Her lips quivered, and it seemed for a moment as if she could not speak. Then she said, with a catch in her voice:It had also its more commonplace and definite purport to the simple-minded dependents gathered in the gloom of the broad gallery and the black oaken staircase; which was no sooner fully apprehended, than the sound of weeping was heard among them,though not noisily demonstrative, according to the African wont, for their awe of their late master had been greater than their affection, and was in nowise diminished by the knowledge of the dread change that had come upon him. It was genuine sorrow, nevertheless, for, though he had been a hard master, of late, most of them remembered when he had been kinder; and, at the worst, he had not been without gleams of good humor and leniency, upon which their minds now dwelt willingly and tenderly. Some few gray heads, too, there were among them, who recollected the grace and promise of his youth, and how proud they had been of their gay, handsome, generous, high-spirited master; and these, striving to forget that the promise had not been kept, or to set down its failure to adverse fate rather than wilful shortcoming, crowded the doorway, or stole in pairs to the foot of the bed, and looked through tears at the dead face, and whispered to each other that something of its youth had come back to it;the soul, as it took its departure, had stamped the features with their original nobility and grace. And then they stole out, to prompt each other's memories with anecdotes of that vanished youth, and to dilate the eyes of their juniors with descriptions of the ancient splendors and hospitalities of the desolate old Hall;the banquets that had been served in the dusky dining-room, the gay measures that had been trodden in the long parlor, the wedding-trains and the funeral processions that had passed through the great door; and, finally, of the ghosts that still walk the empty rooms, and may be expected to be seen stalking through the long passages to-night, or holding solemn conclave around the deserted tabernacle of the latest comer among them.