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      Still more important than these observations themselves is the great truth he derives from themsince rediscovered and worked out in detail by Von Baerthat in the development of each individual the generic characters make their appearance before the specific characters.211 Nor is this a mere accidental or isolated remark, but, as we shall show in the next chapter, intimately connected with one of the philosophers metaphysical theories. Although not an evolutionist, he has made other contributions to biology, the importance of which has been first realised in the light of the evolution theory. Thus he notices the antagonism between individuation and reproduction;212 the connexion of increased size with increased vitality;213 the connexion of greater mobility,214 and of greater intelligence,215 with increased complexity of structure; the physiological division of labour in the higher animals;216 the formation of heterogeneous organs out of homogeneous tissues;217 the tendency towards greater centralisation in the higher organisms218a remark connected with his two great anatomical discoveries, the central position of the heart in the vascular system, and the possession of a backbone by all red-blooded animals;219 the resemblance of animal intelligence to a rudimentary human intelligence, especially as manifested in children;220 and, finally, he attempts to trace a continuous series of gradations connecting the inorganic with the organic world, plants with animals, and the lower animals with man.221"If you saw him," said Arthur, emphatically, "you'd have to believe. It's just that, and nothing else. He's like one of those mechanical toys come to life. And it's so funny. You'd never guess."

      The range and speed of movement of the parts of machines are elements in designing that admit of a definite determination from the work to be accomplished, but arrangement cannot be so determined, and is the most difficult to find data for. To sum [154] up these propositions we have:

      "What better time could we have than tonight?"

      Lytton Avenue was quiet for once, and Leona Lalage was glad of it. She said truthfully that she had a splitting headache, so that she was thankful to be alone and lie down on a couch in the drawing-room with the lights lowered and eau de Cologne on her temples. Hetty sat a little way off engaged on some fancywork. It seemed hard to imagine that all this refinement and enviable luxury covered crime and mystery.

      "Don't be a damned fool," the doctor burst out, "you're talking through your hat."

      "Perhaps you had better describe this motor," said the coroner."How many do you see?"




      "You had better," Hetty said demurely--"you had better run away and see to your Duchess."Flat or plane joints nearly always admit of adjustment between the fitted surfaces; that is, the material scraped or ground away in fitting can be compensated by bringing the pieces nearer together; but parallel cylindrical joints cannot even be tried together until finished, consequently, there can be nothing cut away in trying them together. Tapering, or conical joints, can of course be trial-fitted, and even parallel fits are sometimes made by trial, but it is evident that the only material that can [149] be cut away in such cases, is what makes the difference between a fit too close, and one which will answer in practice.


      "Did the legs go on kicking?" said Gregg, quickly.Once I enjoyed the pleasure of partaking of such a "dinner," as the guest of Professor and Mrs. Noyons. The company was very mixed, and men who never in their lives had ever done anything else but spoiling their eyes for the sake of science, by reading all manner of ancient manuscripts, were now busy, dressed in a blue apron, stirring the soup and mashing potatoes or vegetables. The menu comprised nothing but potatoes, a little vegetables, and a finely calculated piece of meat.