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      There was no denying it. Boarzell had beaten Reuben in this their first battle. That coarse, shaggy, unfruitful land had refused to submit to husbandry. Backfield had not yet taken Leviathan as his servant. His defeat stimulated local wit.

      "Your family seems to be in a marrying way jest now, Mus' Backfieldthere's your daughter made an unaccountable fine match, and it's only nat'ral as young Richard shud want to do as well fur himself.""Down wud the fences! down wud Bardon!"

      "F?ather ?un't got naunhaven't you heard? He made his claim, and then they asked to see the title-deeds, and it turned out as how he hadn't got no common rights at allleastways so the lawyers said.""Sure they do," Albin agreed with great cheerfulness. "How'd you like it if they got some of them? Dodd, maybe you'd like to see them starve? Because it's going to be a long, long time before they develop anything like a solid civilization, kiddo. And in the meantime a lot of them are going to die of things we can prevent. Right? And how'd you like that, Dodd? How would you like that?"

      "Nonsenseit's only funwe'll make a bet on it. If I fail, I'll give you my new white petticoat with the lace edging. And I'll allow myself ten minutes to do it in; that's quite fair, for it usually takes me longer."

      "This is Miss Lardner," she said, introducing him to the girl, "and Mr. Lardner of Starvecrow."


      "Hullo," he said feebly.During the days that followed her attitude towards him changed subtly, almost subconsciously. A strange fear of him came over her. Would he insist on her bearing child after child to help him realise his great ambition? It was ridiculous, she knew, and probably due to her state of health, but sometimes she found herself thinking of him not so much as a man as a thing; she saw in him no longer the loving if tyrannical husband, but a law, a force, to which she and everyone else must bow. She even noticed a kind of likeness between him and Boarzellswart, strong, cruel, full of an irrepressible life.