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      I might say the same of you, she said. I thought that Lady Lilias was quite a woman. How do you manage this great place?He laughed softly.

      He and Esmeralda led a perfect life. The wonderful air, the life of exercise, but, above all, her surpassing happiness, soon brought back her old strength and light-heartedness, and she became, as Mother Melinda said, just a girl again.I suppose Im not so fond of buying things as most women, she said. Lady Wyndover used to say that I was uncanny and unnatural. I never seem to want anything.

      You shall go round with me to Lady Wyndovers in the morning, said Trafford. I dont know whether Ive mentioned you to Miss Chetwynde, but it hasnt been for want of thinking of you.


      No! said Varley, sternly. This man and I have got a long account to square.


      And presently Mr. Pinchook arrived.


      "The excitement of this marriage question has brightened you wonderfully, Mrs. Disney," he said. "We shall have you in high health by the wedding-day."You look very nice, dear, she said; though, of course, the dress is not quite right. But never mind; Cerise will send the things home very soonI made a point of itand thenwell, then, with a smile, you will see.